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SHOCK: Walmart Now Supporting Domestic Terrorists… It’s Time To BOYCOTT



If you haven’t been in your local Walmart recently, you might be shocked to find out where their real loyalty lies.

It’s not with America.

Walmart is selling t-shirts and hoodies with the logo Black Lives Matter or BULLETPROOF emblazoned across the front. That’s not all, though. Domestic terrorists like the BLM movement and their supporters can also purchase Black Lives Matter photo license plates. What a way to advertise unpatriotic sentiments.

Black Lives Matters is a hate group that promotes domestic terrorism and anarchy through blatant racism, class division and extreme violence.

Walmart has capitulated to the PC community that fears being offended by the least little thing. What you CAN’T purchase at Walmart these days confirms their loyalty to the BLM movement and other insipid PC efforts.

The giant retail chain known for selling cheap Chinese products has removed from their shelves several items that the PC liberals find offensive. The Israeli soldier costume, for example, may offend Arabs, according to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, so it’s gone. You can no longer purchase Confederate flag merchandise or toy guns in a Walmart, either.

Someone should let BLM know that cotton isn’t actually bulletproof.

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