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BREAKING REPORT: Romney Will NOT Get Secretary Of State Position



According to a Trump transition team insider, Mitt Romney will likely not get the Secretary of State job.

The source also notes that Rudy Giuliani is out of the running as well because Mike Pence said that he simply lacks the experience and stamina for the globe-trotting gig.

Newsmax reports:

While Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani have both appeared to be the leading candidates, Trump has expanded well beyond them. A transition source tells Newsmax that Romney will not get state. His appointment will antagonize Trump’s core base, and though the rapprochement is real between the two, Trump can’t pick him for the top job.

This will be a huge victory for Trump supporters if it were to come to fruition. On Thursday, he’s meeting with former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton for the secretary of state position, and been really pleased with the generals.

We need someone with experience abroad and can build and mend relationships that were damaged over the last eight years.

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