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OOPS: Jill Stein Spends $3.5 Million For Hillary To Lose By An Even BIGGER Margin…



The Wisconsin recount chugs along — and things aren’t looking good for Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton.

The Epoch Times reported:

As of Wednesday morning, the recount shows that Trump gained about 146 votes over Clinton, with 23 of the state’s 72 counties having finished, Fox News reported. Trump gained 105 votes and Clinton dropped 41 votes.

Stein was able to get the recount started by pitching a fit, claiming that the voting machines were “hacked by Russians.”

However, Wisconsin Elections Commission spokesperson Reid Magney verified that this was simply not true.

“We’re not finding any problems with the machines,” Magney said. “The Stein campaign wanted a recount because they thought there was some problems with our machines and that was not the case.”


So there you have it — $3.5 million spent on 105 Trump votes. Maybe the liberals will see why the president-elect was so opposed to the wasteful and frivolous recount.

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