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OFFICIAL: 270+ Republican Electors Confirm Donald Trump As The Next President



President-Elect Donald Trump won’t be president-elect for much longer.

Thanks to hundreds of Republican electors — and for Texas electors putting Trump over the 270 vote threshold — the billionaire businessman is being sent on his way to the White House.

And with him, he’ll be taking his “America First” agenda.

There were a few defections from electors — and, ironically, most were all against Hillary Clinton. In Washington state, three electors who were supposed to back Clinton, voted for Colin Powell — and another elector, a Native American environmentalist, voted for “Faith Spotted Eagle.”

In total, seven electors voted against Clinton across the United States, but only four were successful in their attempt to disband from the party.

It’s truly amazing that the national media slammed Donald Trump’s electors, and encouraged them to defect from the nominee — when it turns out the opposite happened.

Everyone was trying to get off the Clinton bus!

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