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JUST IN: Jill Stein Gets DEVASTATING News From Michigan…



No, Michigan did not “halt” Jill Stein’s recount…

They killed it. Forever.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled Friday against former Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s appeal to restart a recount of presidential election votes in the swing state. The court’s 3-2 decision is the final say on the matter, killing all remaining efforts to recount ballots.

Since she was not able to make a decent-enough case as to why a recount was needed — she claimed “Russia hacked the election” — the court decided to banish the entire ordeal.

“(Stein) failed to allege that she has been harmed or that her legal rights have been infringed in any way whatsoever. Because she has not done so, petitioner failed to satisfy the statutory requirement of alleging that she was aggrieved as required by MCL 168.879(1)(b),” according to court’s statement.

Looks like President-Elect Donald Trump won Michigan twice.

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