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JUST IN: Jill Stein REJECTED By Pennsylvania Judge…



The Associated Press just released breaking news: “Federal judge blocks Green Party bid for recount in Pennsylvania.”

Green Party candidate Jill Stein had asked for a recount to shake up President-elect Donald Trump’s election as the 45th president of the Untied States. Trump won the state of Pennsylvania with 44,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton, taking all of the electoral votes for the Keystone State.

Stein also requested recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan, where Trump also narrowly led Clinton in the popular vote. None of the recounts, however, were expected to sway any votes in Clinton’s — or Stein’s —  favor.

It has been suspected that the move came from the Clinton campaign as a protest and attempt to overturn Trump’s win since Clinton won the popular vote nationwide. Hillary and her campaign has been unable to accept and allow for the smooth transition of power from Obama to Trump.

The Green Party has been distancing itself from Jill Stein since the recount effort began.

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