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How Can Trump Supporters Be Nazis When They’re The Only Ones Protecting Israel?



A feckless American foreign policy in the Middle East has left the last bastion of democracy to stand alone in facing their enemies.

This week the United Nations resolved that Israel may not expand settlements on Palestinian territory in the West Bank or in Eastern Jerusalem. The Obama administration feels that the Palestinians may be maligned if Israel is allowed to expand on its own land.

Israel is the maligned nation. This democratic Jewish nation and long time American ally has had to defend itself from repeated Palestinian attacks. Palestine consistently pushes its boundaries, with little, if any, sanction from America.

Nations of Islam want to annihilate Israel and the Jewish people, much like Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. Obama’s refusal to defend Israel’s right to exist on its own land has placed Israel in a precarious position – one that it has every right, legally and morally, to defend.

By abstaining from the UN resolution regarding Israel, the United States turned its back on an ally. Democrat and Republican members of Congress alike opposed the abstention, but Secretary of State John Kerry pushed forward, saying, “Here is a fundamental reality: If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic; it cannot be both.”

The reality is that Kerry and Obama are so anti-Semitic themselves that they are the real Nazis in this debacle. The Obama administration has placed a target on the backs of the Israelis, and that target looks suspiciously like a six-pointed yellow star.

President-elect Trump, however, faces ongoing criticism for his support of Israel. The opposition to his presidency has called him an anti-Semitic racist because he wants to end illegal immigration and promote a strong sense of national pride in America.

Trump wants to tap into the best talent he can find. While assembling the members of his Cabinet, Trump has recommended women as well as men, people of color and people of diverse faiths. He’s also communicating with world leaders to reassure them that Obama’s ineptness won’t define the Trump administration. That doesn’t sound much like a supremacist.

Trump supports Israel; he’s not trying to destroy it or the Jews who live there.

Trump asked Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to hang on until January 20. Let’s hope Israel can remain strong in spite of the Obama fox that’s currently guarding the hen house.

With friends like the Obama administration, who needs enemies?

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