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BUSTED: What CNN Said About Electoral College In 2012 Proves THEY Are “Fake News”…



How ironic that CNN thinks that electoral voters should cast their votes against Donald Trump, when they once called for the Uniformed Faithful Presidential Electors Act. CNN wanted to remove uncertainty from the election process and guarantee that it be conducted with integrity.

In 2012, CNN special reporter Robert M. Alexander said, “Rogue electors would effectively disenfranchise hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of voters.

CNN reported its concern that the Presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney would be close because of faithless electors. The bogus news agency wasn’t forecasting the election outcome; they were “fear-casting” it.

By purposefully reporting news subjectively, CNN influenced popular opinion. It’s been their standard practice for some time. Out of 16 past presidential elections, nine elections saw electoral voters cast their votes against the will of their state’s voters.

It looks like it’s perfectly okay to disenfranchise voters this election because the CNN-endorsed candidate did not win.

Award-winning CNN journalist Amber Lyon states that both US and foreign governments, including the Obama administration, pay for air time and the editorial slant they want reported in the news agency.

Who’s the fake news outlet now?

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