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Obama Official In Charge Of Investigating CIA’s “Russian Hack” Report LIED To Congress…



The individual who would be overseeing an investigating into the CIA’s “Russian hack” accusation is National Intelligence Director James Clapper.

And nearly four years ago, on March 17, 2013, Clapper committed perjury at a congressional hearing after he said that the National Security Agency (NSA) did not collect the data of millions of Americans.

Shortly after that, whistleblower Edward Snowden showed up and proved him wrong in every single way, exposing the massive data collection program by the NSA.

And what has the Obama administration done to hold this man — who committed a felony — accountable? Nothing.

Now, this flagrant liar will be in charge of a complete and total investigation into the CIA’s claim that Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Russian allies not only destabilized the American election process, but that they willingly guided Trump to victory.

It’s all fake news purported by the mainstream news outlets — there are no reports, no evidence, no facts suggesting that the Russians were involved in any way. It’s just another justice department that the Obama administration has politicized.

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