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BUSTED: Jill Stein’s Donors Will Be TICKED When They See Where $1 MILLION Went…



Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate who asked for a vote recount in three states, raised $7.4 million for costs associated with trying to prove that Donald Trump did not win Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

She assured everyone that she would spend “every dollar” on the recount itself. Instead, she paid consultants and staff almost $1 million. This sum included consultant fees, staff payroll and administrative travel.

Recount filing fees alone cost nearly $4.5 million, and legal fees cost another third of that.

Stein and her campaign grossly underestimated the funds needed. They had to raise their funding goal FOUR TIMES, and the final amount of money amassed was twice what Stein raised in her run for the presidency.

Stein’s recount efforts, however, got her 12 times the news coverage she enjoyed during her run for the presidency. It turns out that Stein is far better at creating publicity stunts than proving she’s a serious contender for public office. This was a blatant attempt at “free” media coverage.

It looks like Stein is just as self-centered and deceptive as Hillary Clinton.

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