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BREAKING: Trump’s Inaugural Parade Will Be HUGE… Just LOOK How Many Will Be There!



President-Elect Donald Trump is winning the inauguration game, it seems.

No Hollywood stars and no corrupt politicians — just Americans.

Newsmax reports:

President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural parade will include a record 8,000 participants and 40 organizations, Boris Epshteyn, director of communications for the inaugural committee told Fox News.

Epshteyn said the participants represent “the truly best of America.” He noted they include representatives from the New York police department, as well as the military.

Several veterans service organizations will also be joining in the parade, The Hill reports.

American Veterans, Disabled American Veterans and Wounded Warriors are among the groups participating, according to the website which attributes the information to Trump’s inaugural committee — they did not participate in Barack Obama’s parade.

This will be an official demonstration by patriotic Americans who are ready to reclaim the country they love so much — and the liberals aren’t happy one bit.

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