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BREAKING: IBM Chief To Hire On 25,000 MORE U.S. Workers… All Thanks To Trump



Jobs are coming back. Jobs are being saved. Jobs are being created.

And President-Elect Donald Trump is still just the president-elect.

IBM is going to make some serious investments in their United States workforce, planning to hire on a 25,000 new employees over the next four years, with 6,000 expected to be hired next year alone, according to CEO Ginni Rometty.

$1 billion is also expected to be spent in training during Trump’s initial term.

CNBC reports:

CEO Ginni Rometty wrote in an op-ed that she envisions “new collar” jobs that don’t necessarily require an advanced education, but rather could be learned in a modified high school education.

“As industries from manufacturing to agriculture are reshaped by data science and cloud computing, jobs are being created that demand new skills — which in turn requires new approaches to education, training and recruiting,” Rometty wrote.

The editorial reiterated many points in Rometty’s recent letter to President-elect Donald Trump, and comes ahead of a crucial Wednesday meeting between Trump and tech leaders, where the agenda is expected to be centered on job creation in the United States.

“Most of all, to create new collar jobs we will need new kinds of collaboration — involving federal and state governments, public school systems, community colleges and private business, across multiple industries,” Rometty wrote. “We will not always agree, but progress in job creation will come from open discussion and engagement.”

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