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BREAKING: Hillary’s Hit With FOUR Investigations



Hillary Clinton isn’t even close to being out of clear.

Congressional investigations into Clinton’s illegal emails server and her “extreme carelessness” with classified material total four.

That’s right — four investigations are still underway.

Two senior Republican senators said that the criminal probes, ranging from perjury to pay-to-play, will continue on as if the election never happened.

“I still don’t have the information I need,” Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chairman, said.

“I think it’s one of the messages of this election that the public is disgusted when they see double standards, when they think people in high places, high government officials can get away with what ordinary citizens can’t,” he said. “So, I just think it’s extremely important to follow this thing through and get all the information. Make it public.”

Utah Congressman and Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz also commented on the FBI verdict and future investigations:

“We still have some questions because (FBI Director James Comey’s) latest letter narrowed the scope of their investigation to the time that she was secretary of state, but we’re also interested in what happened before and what happened after that. It’s this huge … mess that has to be cleaned up. So we would be remiss if we just dismiss it and moved on,” Chaffetz told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

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