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UH-OH: Jill Stein Gets BOOTED From Green Party Website…



Jill Stein is having a bad time initiating and going through this recount process.

She’s taken a lot of money from donors, keeps mysteriously raising the amount needed (it’s nearing $10 million now), and is doing little to nothing with it.

She’s sued the three states — Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — that she’s trying to get a recount in.

And now the Green Party is sick and tired of their greedy nominee — and they’ve removed every trace of Stein from their website

Here’s what it looked like just a week ago — notice the banner showing off Jill Stein’s presidential run and the articles displayed underneath:


And here’s what the site looks like now — there is nothing pertaining to Jill Stein on the front page:


This just goes to show how much people can’t stand this recount effort and are ready to move on from the election.

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