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JUST IN: Insider Drops BOMBSHELL About Reopened Hillary Investigation…



If you think you’re busy at work, be glad you’re not working for the FBI. Be very glad they’re working for you.

The FBI is putting in 16-HOUR SHIFTS to sift through the hundreds of thousands of emails discovered in the investigation of Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal on Oct. 27, 2016. As the result of yet another sexting scandal, Weiner became estranged in August of this year from his wife, the top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

The wake of this discovery has left the FBI with a tremendous amount of labor-intensive hours ahead of them.

“The same multi-agency intelligence task force that was first used on the Clinton email case has been directed to re-engage with a directive to identify new classified material,” Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported today.

And those 16-hour shifts? They are daily overlapping shifts that will continue right through the weekends until the task is complete. Classifications on every email still have to be determined, and that’s not something the FBI can decide on its own.

“You’re talking weeks or months to understand the classification,” said Herridge. That means those long hours will continue for quite some time.

The FBI agency is using “de-dupe” software to eliminate duplicated emails and reduce the time it will take to review every email, making the process somewhat easier to tackle. Each remaining email will be read with “eyes on,” a process that requires considerable time and effort because of the man- and womanpower required to complete such a Herculean task.

Huma Abedin’s lawyer reports that learning her emails were on her estranged husband’s laptop surprised her.

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