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Donald Trump Will Be The Second Greatest President Of All Time… And Here’s Why



Well, who’s the greatest president, you might ask?

Simple — George Washington.

Why? Because during a post-Revolutionary War convention in Annapolis, Washington was offered kingship by a split delegation, in which both parties were trying hard not to wring each others’ necks over the formation of a new central government.

Since the acclaimed general was so well revered by both sides, they nearly gave up their hardships and disagreements for yet another King George.

But Washington refused the power, the fame, the crown and put American people first — his decision was one of utmost humbleness and reverence.

Now, over 250 years later, through thousands of leaders — local, state, and federal — we have a bloated government, rampant corruption, and a crumbling infrastructure.

For the betterment of the country, newly elected President Donald Trump has given up his money, his legacy, and his own crown for the American people who have long been ignored by the elite politicians and the establishment media.

In his boisterous — and often brash — personality, Trump has set an example of what true humility looks like, offering to becoming a servant of a nation that has served him so well.

The greatest president of all time humbly rejected a lifelong seat on what would have been the most coveted throne in the history of the world.

The second greatest president of all time will humbly give up everything he’s ever worked for in order to breath new life into a dying America.

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