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Liberals, You Can’t Actually Do Anything About The Electoral College… And Here’s Why



Sorry Democrats (and protesters/rioters/flag-burners), but you jut can’t do anything about the electors within the electoral college.

You lost.

In case you didn’t know, the electors are usually state-elected officials, party leaders, or people with a strong affiliation with the Presidential candidates.

You have to remember that every state has two sets of electors — Republican electors and Democrat electors. And, generally speaking, all of them vote for the nominee of their party because they most likely voted for them in the general election.

So, going into the final vote between electors on December 19th, you can expect 304 votes to be cast for Donald Trump and 232 for Hillary Clinton.

But what about faithless electors you ask? Well, good luck trying to get enough to overcome Trump’s blowout electoral college win — the last faithless voter was in 2004 and since the founding of the electoral college, there have been just 157 faithless electors. In fact, 71 of those individuals’ votes were changed because the original candidate died before the day on which the Electoral College cast its votes.

Do they really think they can suddenly garner 40 faithless voters in one election?

That would be like winning a multi-million dollar lottery that doesn’t exist — it’s practically impossible.

However, most of the left’s reaction to Trump’s victory, in terms of trying to uproot the electoral college system, is merely a scare tactic. Three out of four supporters of Clinton thought that a fair election was had — and the only people who didn’t are radical leftists who have received a participation trophy after every loss in their life.

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