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BUSTED: Look What We Found Hillary Doing With Her Recalled Newsweek Magazine…



There’s nothing like putting the cart before the donkey, and in this instance, that’s just what the Democrat presidential nominee did right before her bid for the White House met with colossal failure.

Mainstream media magazine Newsweek printed 125,000 copies of their commemorative edition with “Madame President” and “Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House” on the cover.

To make matters worse, Hillary began signing copies of the magazine for posterity’s sake, proving that her hubris was one of the biggest hurdles in her winning the election.

This particular copy is for “Cate”:


Pride really does go before a fall. Hillary and her campaign planned an elaborate fireworks display over the Hudson River on election night to celebrate her obvious victory, but called off the pyrotechnics 24 hours before the election.

Topix (a Newsweek partner) Chief Executive Tony Romando admitted, “Like everybody else, we got it wrong.”

This isn’t the first time the media got in the way of an election and got it wrong. In 1948, the Chicago Daily Tribune boldly announced, “Dewey Defeats Truman” as their headline. Nothing could be further from the truth. Harry Truman, considered the underdog in the presidential race that year, ran away with the votes needed for his election.

Any vendors selling the Madame President Newsweek edition have been asked to return unsold copies to Newsweek. They’d like to sell the Donald Trump presidential issue instead.

Yeah, right.

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