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BUSTED: Media Hits Trump’s “Illegal Votes” Claim, Instantly Gets Rebuked With FACTS…



During Tuesday’s press conference, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about President Trump’s comments regarding “illegal votes” cast in the general election.

He replied saying that Trump holds those beliefs based on “studies that have come out,” to which the mainstream outlets accosted the president afterwords, saying that there were “no such studies.”

But according to organization founder Greg Phillips, three million votes in the U.S. presidential election were cast by illegal aliens.

“We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens,” tweeted Phillips after reporting that the group had completed an analysis of a database of 180 million voter registrations.

“Number of non-citizen votes exceeds 3 million. Consulting legal team,” he added.

That number is not including the fact that on the morning of the election there were 4 million dead people on U.S. voter rolls — which is absolutely sickening.

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