BREAKING: Democrats Stage ANOTHER Sit-In…

January 3, 2017

The Democrats are reverting to temper-tantrums once more — but this time, it’s not on the House of Representatives’ floor. Instead, it’s NCAAP leaders in Alabama that are protesting President-Elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Jeff Sessions […]

BREAKING: Feds Reinstate Clinton Case

January 3, 2017

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is back — and with a vengeance. As a Trump administration — including incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions — wait in the wings, these could very well be the failed Democrat candidate’s last […]


January 2, 2017

On Thursday, Israel will be offered an olive branch by congressional Republicans who plan to push legislation rescinding the disastrous United Nations vote against the Jewish state. The Washington Examiner reports: The UN resolution criticized […]

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