CNN Praises North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

February 3, 2017

While CNN engages an all-out war with President Trump and Republicans, they certainly seem to be sucking up to arguably the most evil man in the world. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un happened to fire one of his his […]

JUST IN: Trump Calls CNN “Fake News” — AGAIN!

January 24, 2017

President Trump is relentless. Weeks ago, in his first press conference since being elected president, he accosted a CNN reporter over his network’s flagrantly false report about proposed links to Russia. “You are fake news,” Trump said at […]


January 11, 2017

CNN is in a heaping pile of trouble — and, luckily for them, they realize that. Their lead dog Jake Tapper was up in arms about the false memos propagated by Buzzfeed. Right after the […]

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