Al Sharpton Aggressively Attacks Ivanka Trump

March 25, 2017

Rev. Al Sharpton is not a happy camper at the moment. After discovering that Ivanka Trump will be receiving a West Wing office and security clearance, he alleged that many ethics laws were being broken […]

He’s Baaaaaaaack…

March 24, 2017

Former President Barack Obama has come out of retirement already. On Thursday, he came out defending his landmark legislative achievement, the “Affordable Care Act,” with some rather stunning claims. “The reality is clear: America is stronger because of the […]

Trump To Pull $1 Billion From U.N.

March 23, 2017

The Trump administration is looking to cut a whopping $1 billion dollars in United Nations funding, which would cripple much of the U.N.’s infrastructure. This would be yet another fulfilled campaign promise for President Trump, […]

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