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Tomi Lahren Destroys Far-Left Feminists In Pro-Melania Trump Rant



On Thursday, Fox News host Tomi Lahren obliterated far-left feminists for their hypocrisy on Melania Trump. Here are her “Final Thoughts:”

“First Lady Melania Trump became a victim of cyberbullies after she wore a pink dress to a UN luncheon where she gave a speech about — wait for it — the dangers of cyberbullying.

“Now I get it. The internet is mean and trolls will be trolls but here’s my question: where are the feminists in all of this? Where have they been every single time a conservative woman is dragged through the mud and humiliated? Where are you Lena Dunham? Where are you Patricia Arquette? Where are you Hillary Clinton?

“That’s right. Crickets. That’s the sick and twisted thing about modern day feminism. It’s rather selective. It’s okay to humiliate and harass women, so long as they are conservative or have the last name Trump.

“And I’m not just talking about the latest attack on Melania, either. This is just the latest. Where were the feminists when rapper Bow Wow threatened to ‘pimp out’ our First Lady? Or what about self-proclaimed feminist and illegal immigrant cuddler Chelsea Handler, who said she wouldn’t have Melania on her show because she can barely speak English. Isn’t that something? Oh and let’s not forget the mainstream media coverage of Melania’s shoe choice after Hurricane Harvey, because that was considered breaking news.

“Where were the feminists when a Daily Beast writer referred to Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a butch queen? Or the nonstop, personal attacks on Kellyanne Conway? Or what about the leftist-led boycott of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from major retailers? If these women were on the Left they’d be on the cover of Vogue, they’d be celebrated and given a feminist gold star.

“Sounds to me like the leftist mainstream media and the feminist warriors are the real bullies and above all else, major hypocrites. Yeah, they are all about preaching tolerance, acceptance, and female empowerment, but only for some. Only if you’re the kind of woman they like.

“Feminism used to be about equal rights. Now it’s just an outlet for bitter women to attack conservatives, Donald Trump, and other women who disagree with their selective brand of feminism. Count me out.

“Those are my Final Thoughts.”

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