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SPREAD THIS: Missing Pilot Found After 4 Years… Needs Trump’s Help To Be Set Free



A Minnesota pilot who went missing on a flight from South Africa to Mali four years ago has been spotted alive, his family says.

On April 7, 2013, Jerry Krause’s plane disappeared off the coast of West Africa, near São Tomé. Krause’s Beechcraft 1900C was never found and officials in South America declared him dead.

Krause’s family believes he is alive due to “new evidence” posted by South American authorities — and in order to get him back, the approval of President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence is needed.

The following was posted to a Facebook account dedicated to finding Jerry:

“Jerry Krause, a U.S. citizen, was kidnapped on April 7th, 2013 while flying a Beechcraft 1900C from South Africa to Mali. All contact was lost on his approach to Sao Tome, a small island off of the coast of Africa. No concrete evidence of Jerry or his airplane were located during the first two months of investigations. Nevertheless, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (the governing authority over the aircraft incident) published their official report that Jerry Krause crashed and that Jerry Krause was dead. The Krause family did not believe that Jerry was dead, but they had no evidence to support their belief.

“However, this has changed. First, the South African Civil Aviation Authority has removed their official report, which is a public record, due to “new evidence” being provided (via email with Albert Phuti Morudi, the Director of Investigations, April 5th, 2016). Although we have sought to learn what this new evidence is, we have been denied access to it. The airline incident was re-opened and has yet to be re-posted. Second, Jerry has been seen and found to be alive. The U.S. government knows Jerry’s location. However, the Department of Defense has not had the correct authorization to act on this information.

“We need your help. To have Jerry Krause rescued, Vice President Pence or President Trump needs to give the authorization to the Department of Defense to liberate Jerry. We need you to contact your senators and/or local representatives and have them contact Vice President Pence or President Trump with this information. Please feel free to utilize the above information as the content of your message.

  • “To contact your senators, go to Choose your state. Your senators will be listed with their contact information.
  • “To contact your congressman/congresswoman go to Type in your zip code. Your representative will be listed. Click his/her name. This will take you to his/her website where you can find his/her contact information.

“If you are from Minnesota, Illinois, or Indiana, please include the fact that Jerry and his family are all residents of Minnesota; Jerry’s son, Nathan, is a resident of Illinois; and his wife, Gina, and their daughters, Alyssa and Jessica, are all residents of Indiana.

“For our prayer warriors, we ask that you pray Psalm 43 and 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 over this situation. God provided the Krause family with the belief and trust that Jerry was alive. God raised up thousands of faithful advocates to encourage and petition on behalf of the Krause family these last four years. God will be the deliverer.

“If you have questions or would like more information, please message Find Jerry or email [email protected] If you would like to talk via phone, my (Jessica Krause) phone number will be provided through a message or email.

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