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Simulation Shows What Miami Will Look Like After Hurricane Irma Hits… Leave Florida NOW



An analysis by Climate Central shows that the Florida storm surge from hurricane Irma could put millions of lives at risk and result in billions in property damage.

ZH reports:

Climate Central created the following video to help anyone remaining in the area visually understand how dangerous the flooding will be in their neighborhood and take safety measures accordingly.

These simulations are based on the Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment (CERA) storm surge and wave model using data from the National Hurricane Center forecast track from Friday morning (Advisory 37). CERA partners include multiple leading universities and federal agencies.

The video use Google Earth to simulate what the these storm surge forecasts would appear like in different South Florida neighborhoods. The height above mean sea level for each simulation is shown in the titles. As local topography varies, these values translate to approximately 7-10 feet of water above ground in many areas.


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