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Remember This ‘Never Trump’ Texas Elector? He Just Betrayed All Of America Again.



Chris Suprun was one of 38 Texas electors that were tasked with confirming Donald Trump as the president of the United States.

Before the official vote, he publicly waged war against the new president-elect before he ultimately voted against Trump during the official ballot cast of Texas electors.

But now, eight months after being a Republican elector, he’s running for office — as a full-fledged Democrat.

He’s supporting the unconstitutional DACA program, calling President Trump a “Nazi” and/or “White Supremacist,” and attacking the Republican party with liberal buzzwords.

And he’s doing all this while interspersing bible verses.

But TGP reports the not-so-charming past of Suprun:

For years Chris Suprun has passed himself off as a “heroic” 9/11 first responder. He has even thrown the first pitch out at local ballparks because of this claim.

However, it was all a lie. He didn’t become a firefighter until October 2001 — one month after 9/11 occurred .

“He claimed to be a first responder with the Manassas Park [Virginia] Fire Department on September 11, 2001 and personally told us stories ‘I was fighting fire that day at the Pentagon.’ No, I was on a medic unit that day at the Pentagon and you make a phone call to Manassas Park and you find out that he wasn’t even employed there until October 2001,” said a first responder who knows Suprun and only agreed to speak about him if his identity was concealed.

The City of Manassas Park confirmed to WFAA that it hired Suprun on October 10, 2001, one month after the 9/11 attacks.

The mask is off. Chris Suprun is running for Congress as a Democrat — this is more proof that #NeverTrumpers are Democrats who claim to be Republicans in order to sabotage the party.

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