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Epic Picture PERFECTLY Describes Jesus’ Reaction To Illegal Immigration



“But Jesus, what would you do about immigration?” a follower asks.

“Remember, even Heaven has a wall, a gate and there’s extreme vetting to get in,” Jesus responds.

While it’s a humorous take on the immigration topic, the dialogue holds a great deal of truth in it.

The keys to eternal paradise are only granted to those who pass extreme vetting measures — meaning, those who repent and believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior gain entry.

Otherwise, the gates are closed and the wall stands tall.

But, back to earth — it’s worth noting that illegal immigration is a serious offense.

And it’s mostly against those in line, waiting at the gates to become an American citizen legally. The basic premise of illegal immigration is that it cuts in line, cheating out those who spend years of their life going through the naturalization process.

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