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JUST IN: Obama Caught Taking Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Behind Closed Doors…



Former President Barack Obama is taking a page right out of the Clinton handbook.

On Monday, it was discovered that he is giving secret Wall Street speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Last month, Obama took in over $400,000 talking to Northern Trust Corp. clients, Bloomberg reported. In addition, he also spoke with Carlyle Group LP last week and is slated to be a keynote speaker at Cantor Fitzgerald LP’s conference on health care next week.

TH reports:

Before Northern Trust Corp., Obama received criticism for another gig after it was publicized that he would speak at Cantor Fitzgerald’s health conference for a fee of $400,000.

Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for Obama, told the news outlet that the since the end of his White House tenure, the former president has given speeches “true to his values.”

“His paid speeches in part have allowed President Obama to contribute $2 million to Chicago programs offering job training and employment opportunities to low-income youth,” Lewis said.

Obama has not always had a cozy relationship with Wall Street. In 2009, the then-president slammed bankers for their role in the financial crisis. His administration issued a number of new rules and regulations to try and rein in the largest banks, but did not prosecute any CEOs and did resisted calls from his party to break up the largest institutions.

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