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Texas Women Side With Melania Trump… Put Every “High-Heel Hater” In Their Place



The liberal media hysterical outrage is just causing more and more Americans to side with the Trump administration.

And a great example of that is what happened to First Lady Melania Trump during her trip with the president to survey the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

She wore high-heels and the media had a conniption fit. They wrote, blogged, discussed all things high-heels for a solid 24-hours, completely distracting from the philanthropic efforts put forth by the First Couple.

However, the American people see through the nonsense of the media — and a post by Brian Green on Twitter proves it.

He published a picture of several women — seemingly mothers and daughters — all posed with their high heels. Take a look:

“We appreciate your support of Texas flood victims today! These strong women have your back! #MelaniasShoes,” the tweet read.

It appears the mainstream media just can’t handle the elegance, grace, and class the first lady exudes.

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