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After Trump Lands In Houston, Bernie Insults Every Hurricane Victim With Senseless Attack…



Hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of Americans have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Yet, all Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to do is turn those displaced Texans into a political weapon to attack President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, the commander in chief visited Houston to survey the damage and organize relief — but the self-avowed socialist senator said that Trump’s trip is premature, during an interview Thursday on “CBS This Morning.”

TDC reports:

The president and First Lady Melania Trump are scheduled to visit Corpus Christi, Texas where they will be briefed on hurricane relief efforts before they head to Austin to tour the emergency operations center.

“Too soon for the president to be there? Probably it is, but let’s not get into that,” Sanders said. “The focus right now has got to be on doing everything we can to address the terrible, terrible pain that is taking place in that city.”

Sanders said that the country needs to focus on ensuring the safety of those affected while also throwing another jab at President Trump.

“We are one nation, and we have got to stop the kind of divisions Trump and others are bringing about trying to divide us up,” he said. “We are one people and we are going to stand with the people of Texas today.”

The socialist wants to “stop” division, yet attacks Trump, his administration, and his supporters every chance he gets.

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