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Maxine Waters Threatens Ben Carson With Sickening Promise… This Is The Final Straw



Waters, a ranking member of the House Committee on Financial Services, was bad mouthing President Donald Trump’s administration in front of the Los Angeles Community Review Board.

On Thursday, Rep. Maxine Waters was caught bad-mouthing President Donald Trump’s administration during a Los Angeles Community Review Board meeting, when she officially made a promise to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.

She plans to berate him in front of America, saying what she plans to do would be much worse than her viral exchange with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Waters threatened Carson, saying that she would not be kind should he testify before her committee. “He’s got to come before my committee,” she said.

“If you’ve seen reclaiming my time that I did with Mnuchin,” Waters said, “you wait until Ben Carson comes.”

WE reports:

Waters, who is lauded as a millennial hero, made headlines after she interrupted Mnuchin’s testimony during a House Financial Services Committee hearing. Waters repeated the phrase “reclaiming my time” three times before the committee chairman silenced Mnuchin.

A video clip of the exchange went viral, after musician Mykal Kilgore made a “Reclaiming My Time – Gospel Mix” Youtube video.

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