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JUST IN: Trump Hires New Communications Director…



President Donald Trump has found his new communications director.

Hope Hicks, a longtime aide and a trusted advisor to the commander in chief, will be named the new White House communications director.

TDC reports:

President Trump has offered the job to Hicks and she has accepted the position, according to a White House insider. Hicks has been close by Trump’s side since the early days of the campaign and is one of his most trusted staffers. She has been serving on the press team in more of a behind-the-scenes role as the director of strategic communications.

The communications director position has been open since President Trump fired Anthony Scaramucci in July, just ten days after the Mooch took over the position from former press secretary Sean Spicer. Trump ditched Scaramucci shortly after he decided to bring on Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly as his new chief of staff.

Hicks did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is breaking — stay tuned for more information.

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