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JUST IN: Top Black Pastor Breaks Rank, Sides With Trump In EPIC Rebuke Of Charlottesville…



President Donald Trump received major support from Bishop E.W. Jackson, a top black pastor in Virginia.

He echoed the same points of unity, while also condemning both sides causing problems and inciting violence, just like the commander in chief noted on Saturday.

In a Facebook video on Saturday during the events in Charlottesville, Jackson commented on the chaos: “Both sides of this want us divided racially.”

Jackson continued:

“They want to turn everything into a racial issue. They believe that somehow … our country really is black against white – we’re not that at all. We are a nation founded on principle – not race. Both [sides] are more interested in racial division than they are in us becoming one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

The bishop also recommended that Confederate flags and monuments – aside from personal property – be placed where people who wish to view them can do so. He suggests that unifying objects – such as the American flag – be considered for public monuments and symbols.

Jackson noted that this recommendation comes from an African-American who lives in Virginia, has run for office in Virginia, and has visited Charlottesville many times with his family.

“I have seen those [Confederate] monuments,” he said. “My family and I have not given them a second thought, to tell you the truth, because what do they have to do with us? Nobody bothers us, nobody’s harassing us. We never really cared.”

Jackson says he understands most people who fly the Confederate flag have a loyalty to their state, family, or history – and he is personally not offended by this.

“I defend anybody’s right to fly a Confederate flag on your pickup truck, on your property – put them anywhere you want,” he says, but advises these and other similar symbols not be on public property, primarily because they are easily used as a distraction from the really important issues.

“You’re not going to find any person in American history who was perfect, just like you and I are not,” Jackson continued. “To deny the tremendous contribution to the notion of freedom and to the idea of each human being living out their God-given potential is also … preposterous … they illuminated the whole world with the idea of what it really means to be free!”

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