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SPREAD THIS: Just Before Hurricane Harvey Hit Texas Coast, It Did The Unthinkable…



On Friday, Hurricane Harvey made harrowing surprise right before slamming against the Texas coast — it increased its strength.

The hurricane is officially a Category 3.

TDC reports:

With the storm expected to make landfall late Friday evening, residents in the Lone Star state are preparing for wind speeds topping 120 mph and potentially catastrophic flooding.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which tracks ocean trends and atmospheric conditions, tweeted an image of the hurricane early Friday afternoon.

Texas residents stocked their shelves and prepared for major flooding after being warned that the storm is likely to hold over the state through the weekend, which could exacerbate the flooding to record levels.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner warned residents that the storm is going to last for days, and that people need to plan accordingly.

“People need to know, this is not a one, two-day event and done. Even though it may seem like it will get better, this is a four or five-day event starting tomorrow evening going through Monday or Tuesday,” Sylvester told CNN.

President Donald Trump was photographed reviewing the storm’s progress inside the Oval Office Friday afternoon. The White House said the president will be closely monitoring developments.

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