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What Trump Just Did To 261 Sanctuary Cities Will Make You Breathe A Sigh Of Relief



President Donald Trump and his administration are avenging the deaths of innocent Americans by illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities.

On Wednesday, the Justice Department announced that it will be blocking grants and federal aid to sanctuary cities and jurisdictions that do not comply with ICE, keeping them from properly doing their job by preventing from interviewing inmates or talking to local officials.

Here’s the massive list of sanctuary cities that are getting their funding stripped from them:

USANF reports:

The new set of rules announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions have the four top grant-receivers such as Cook County, Illinois, New York City, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, as the ones which are most-likely to be disqualified from the grants if they keep up their current anti-ICE policies.

Despite all the chaotic events taking place in Washington, DC, it is always great to see how the Trump administration is capable of handling various tasks at the same time, with the immigration one being placed at the top of their priority list.

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