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Hillary’s Latest Move Proves She’s The Laughing Stock Of America… “A Year Late”



President Donald Trump campaigned more aggressively than likely any candidate in U.S. history — he visited and campaigned in states where he was far down in the polls.

And Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, visited mostly battleground states, not batting an eye at the “blue wall” states that she needed to reinforce in order to win.

And now, a year late, the former secretary of state will finally visit Wisconsin, one of the crucial states she lost to Trump.

TDC reports:

Clinton will appear at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, Wisc., on Nov. 9 to promote her new book “What Happened,” a personal memoir of her experience running for president in 2016. Her event at the Riverside also comes one year and one day after news broke that she lost to Trump on Nov. 8, 2016.

The former secretary of state notably had no campaign stops in the state during her bid for the presidency, and was the first-major party nominee to completely ignore Wisconsin since 1972.

Trump’s election was the first time the state went for a Republican candidate since former President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Trump defeated Clinton in Wisconsin by less than one percentage point.

The president held a large rally in Green Bay, after scheduling and cancelling two previous speaking arrangements.

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