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GOP Sends Obama A Special Birthday “Gift”… He’s Not Liking This One Bit



On Friday, Former President Barack Obama turned 56.

He was bombarded with birthday wishes all over social media by his fans — however, some managed to throw in a few jabs at the 44th president.

The GOP decided to wish Obama a “Happy Birthday” with a special troll video that highlights the enormous job creation that has happened under President Donald Trump’s administration and pokes fun at Obama’s skepticism that Trump could bring jobs back to the United States.


BPR reports:

The posted video intersperses the former president’s statements about certain jobs “never coming back” with footage of announcements about actual jobs, well, coming back.

Because of President Trump’s efforts and/or business friendly policies.

“1 million new jobs in 6 months. 209k new jobs in July. Unemployment rate at 16 yr low. Thanks, @POTUS!,” said the tweet.

The video includes Foxconn’s plans for a $10 billion Wisconsin plant and up to 3,000 new jobs, but it also could have featured news that came out on Obama’s birthday – a $1.6 billion plant jointly owned by Toyota and Mazda that could feature up to 4,000 jobs, according to Fox News.

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