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BOMBSHELL: Obama’s U.S. Post Office Caught Colluding With Hillary Clinton Campaign…



Former President Barack Obama now has a lot of questions to answer.

In a bombshell report by The Washington Post, we learn that under the previous administration, the United States postal service directly colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“The US Postal Service engaged in widespread violations of federal law by pressuring managers to approve letter carriers’ taking time off last fall to campaign for Hillary Clinton and other union-backed Democrats,” the Post writes.

NM reports:

A total of 97 “dedicated public servants” were given time off from delivering the mail to try and deliver the country to Hillary. And we’re not talking about closing a few extra customer service windows on Election Day and taking some time off to hand out sample ballots at the polls.

These government workers were going door-to-door, where your mailbox used to be. They were also making phone calls and participating in other activities associated with Hillary’s massive and expensive “ground game.” Ground game in this instance doesn’t refer to preventing Hillary from collapsing on the ground. It means “Get Out the Vote.”

Here’s how the collusion worked. Hillary met with union officials of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) for an endorsement interview. Presumably she promised to guarantee the USPS’ shaky pension fund, keep every Podunk post office open in perpetuity, and euthanize annoying dogs at taxpayer expense.

In return she gets the NALC political action committee donation, the union endorsement, free union labor and a promise to slow-walk Trump direct mail.

After smiles, handshakes, and a chance to touch the hem of the pantsuit the meeting adjourns.

If the NALC had confined itself to informing members the union was supporting Hillary and urging them to help her in any way they could in their spare time, I wouldn’t be writing this column. Of course that’s not what happened.

Instead the union gives USPS management a list of employees they want given no-questions-asked time off so they can, wink, wink, “do their duty as citizens.” Here’s where the collusion begins to escalate. D.C. bureaucrats forwarded the list of the favored employees to their respective offices and instructed local management to grant the leave.

In many instances these managers objected, since covering the vacant slots would require paying the remaining employees overtime, at additional taxpayer expense. Those objections were ignored. As the acting director of the Office of Special Counsel testified, “The culture and practice was, ‘It’s mandatory, it’s the directive’” to ensure employees got time off.”

So far we have government collusion at the highest level, facilitated by defrauding taxpayers, all in an effort to elect Hillary. That’s offensive enough, but the excuse given by the swamp creature in charge — Postmaster General Megan Brennan — after the USPS was caught red-handed is an insult to any citizen that can lick a stamp.

She claims, “senior postal leadership did not in any way guide union leadership in selecting the candidates for whom NALC employees could campaign” and USPS “did not approve or choose candidates for the unions to support” or “ask the union to advocate for political candidates on behalf of the Postal Service.”

That sort of slimy statement is technically a lie by omission.

Senior USPS leadership, including Brennan, was well aware NALC had endorsed Hillary so any employees given leave were ipso facto going to help with Hillary’s campaign. The only thing NALC would’ve sent Trump was hate mail.

The conclusion of an investigation by the Office of Special Counsel was USPS “engaged in systemic violations of the Hatch Act,” which was specifically written to prohibit political collusion on the part of the federal government and its employees.


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