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Black ESPN Anchor Breaks Rank, OBLITERATES Kaepernick’s Crying Over Unemployment…



Recently, Colin Kaepernick complained about his lack of employment, causing far-left protesters to demonstrate at the NFL headquarters, demanding a team accept him.

However, more and more people are being turned off by the politically-motivated footballer.

And that includes ESPN anchor Sage Steele.

On Thursday, on NBC Sports Network’s “Dan Patrick Show,” Steele had some very smart comments about Kaepernick’s remaining a free agent.

She said that NFL team owners have the right to decide what is best for their team.

“[O]wners in this league, they run a business, and they have a right to make the decision that they believe is best for their business — just like Colin Kaepernick has the right to express his opinion and do what’s best for him, for his brand, for his career,” Steele said Thursday. “There’s repercussions to both.”

Steele went on to say that if Kaepernick had the talent, the San Francisco 49ers would have held onto him.

She added, “Colin Kaepernick, I think that he would still be on the [49ers] if he were that good. Other teams would have picked him up, and people need talent, and there is no question about that, right? If he were that good, someone would have picked him up or maybe he is, and these team owners, the PR staff say, is it worth it?”

Watch the full interview here:

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