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Pollsters STUNNED After Asking People If They Like First Lady Melania Or Hillary More…



First Lady Melania Trump’s popularity has skyrocketed in just a year.

A Fox News poll shows that Trump’s popularity has surged from 28 percent last year to a whopping 51 percent this year — and it’s still climbing.

The pollsters were rather stunned when they discovered that First Lady Hillary Clinton had a lower approval rating than Melania Trump’s, albeit by not much. Hillary’s approval rating seven months into Bill Clinton’s presidency was at 49 percent.

Breitbart reports:

The First Lady enjoys a surge in favorability across the board; Republicans (+24), Democrats (+12), men (+17), women (+15), voters under age 45 (+18) and ages 45 and over (+16) all view her more positively than a year ago.

More men (55 percent) than women (48 percent) have a favorable opinion of Trump, according to the poll.

Also, Republicans (82 percent) are more than three times more likely than Democrats (26 percent) to have a positive view of Trump, while 43 percent of independents like her.

The poll showed Trump’s popularity has grown the most among voters under age 45, “the most skeptical age group during her husband’s campaign.”

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