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BUSTED: NBC Host Announces He Has No “Bias,” So Don Jr. Instantly Turns Tables On Him…



NBC’s Chuck Todd, host of “Meet The Press,” wants Americans to believe he, along with other mainstream media hosts, do not have a shred of bias after defending the right to “discourse.”

Here’s what the Todd tweeted:

“Saddest reactions I’ve received are those folks who mistake calls for decency in our discourse as some sort of evidence of bias. Ponder that.”

Except Donald Trump Jr. knew exactly when Todd showed his bias — and it was just days ago.

“I would say the saddest evidence of bias was from you not asking Bernie [Sanders] about his FBI bank fraud investigation. Ponder that!!! #fakenews”


In a June 26th interview between Todd and the Vermont Senator, the NBC host didn’t even bother to ask Sanders about his bank fraud that the FBI is investigating him for — and the bombshell came out the day before the discussion.

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