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Fed-Up Neil Cavuto SHAMES Media For Freaking About Trump’s “Second Meeting” With Putin…



Fox News host Neil Cavuto went off, obliterating the media’s “sanctimonious outrage” over the second, informal meeting between President Trump and Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit.

Cavuto turned the tables on the MSM by pointing out their blatant hypocrisy — he wondered where the media was after Barack Obama‘s comments to Dmitry Medvedev about “flexibility” a few years back.

“The media calls this whole thing truth to power?”, he continued. “Please. Save the sanctimonious outrage for someone who cares. If this was a super-secret pow-wow — newsflash — the whole world was in on it! And every major world leader was playing a part in it, including their spouses. Clever!”

Cavuto concluded that the media is just trying to mask their “over-the-top” hate of the President that makes them “look childish.”


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