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JUST IN: National Boy Scouts Chief Breaks Silence On Trump Jamboree Speech… Stuns Dems



Liberals have called President Donald Trump’s speech at the Boy Scouts’ Jamboree every name in the book — from simply “evil” to being “reminiscent of Hitler.”

However, the scouts organization, along with its chief, had no problem with the most controversial president in American history hosting a fiery speech — they invited him anyway.

Breitbart reports:

The Boy Scouts of America says it anticipated President Donald Trump would spark controversy with a politically tinged speech at its national jamboree in West Virginia but had no problem with continuing the tradition set by former presidents, in which they gave talks to the younger generations.

Boy Scouts president Randall Stephenson tells The Associated Press in his first public comments on the furor over Trump’s speech he’d be “disingenuous” if he suggested he was surprised by the Republican president’s comments. Stephenson also is chief executive officer of Dallas-based AT&T and spoke to the AP by phone on Wednesday.

Other U.S. presidents have addressed Boy Scouts jamborees with speeches steering clear of partisan politics — but Trump is unlike any other president.

Trump promoted his political agenda and assailed his enemies in his speech on Monday. He induced some scouts to boo at the mention of Barack Obama, his Democratic predecessor.

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