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JUST IN: Trump Flips Congress The Bird… Starts Work On Biggest Campaign Promise



President Donald Trump gave his word to the American people that he would build a “big, beautiful wall” on America’s southern border.

And he just started construction.

Since Trump took office in January, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials have been quietly planning out the first section of the border wall. They had planned to place the first constructs on a government-owned property near the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in South Texas, the Texas Observer reports.

On Friday, they officially began physically laying the groundwork and foundation for the wall.

Here are some photos that were capture of the quiet event:

In addition to laying the foundation, the laborers were also were spotted collecting soil samples so that the CPB can figure out how to better secure the wall to the ground.

While this is taking place, Congress is still lagging far behind on the budgeting process — Republicans taking their time trying to get President Trump’s funding for the wall approved.

Trump, however, is skipping ahead and doing what he set out to do.

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