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After G20 Trip, Melania Returns To America In STYLE…



Not even the wind can put a dent in the beauty of First Lady Melania Trump.

Express reports:

The First Lady, 47, wore a stylish monochrome look, pairing a plain black top with a white skirt.

The skirt was made from a heavy lace, and Melania wore a slip underneath it which stopped mid-thigh.

The skirt also had a black waistband to highlight Melania’s slim frame.

She completed the look with her favourite black sunglasses and a black crocodile skin Hermès Birkin bag.

But the winds was fierce — her long, thick locks blew fiercely around her face and threatened to cover her face completely.

Melania’s latest tour was fraight with issues after she was stuck in her residence in Hamburg, Germany, due to violent protests.

She did eventually make it out of her room, and dazzled in a white 1920s style flapper dress.

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