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Former Secret Service Agent Defends Trump Jr., Destroys Hillary With PERFECT Attack…



Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino is loving the liberal hypocrisy.

On Tuesday, Bongino chimed in on Donald Trump Jr.’s email release, in which the Trump’s oldest son came under fire for meeting with a Russian lawyer for opposition research on Hillary Clinton.

Bongino, now a conservative commentator, posted a series of tweets in response to Trump Jr.’s email release.

And they are brutal. Here are his comments on the matter:

“Dear Hillary, This is how disclosure is done when there’s nothing to hide. Now, can we see your missing 30k emails?”

“Trump Jr. is subjected to a BS attack & immediately releases the emails. Hillary sets up an illegal server & 30k emails are still missing.”

“The fascinating thing about the #TrumpRussia fairytale is the Hillary campaign is actually guilty of the charges falsely attributed to Trump.”

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