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Eric Trump Backs Brother, Makes Heartwarming Statement About Trump Family…



Liberals and the mainstream media have been attacking Donald Trump Jr. for a 2016 meeting he had with a Russian lawyer, who claimed she had “dirt” on then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

He’s been mocked, ridiculed, and slandered for trying to gather opposition research — and Don Jr. admitted she had none, releasing pages of emails with their correspondence in a great show of transparency.

Regardless of Don Jr’s openness, the left is still stomping mad — however, the Trump family is firmly putting their support behind the president’s oldest son. Eric Trump says that his family is “viciously” attacked because they “always support each other.

“This is the EXACT reason they viciously attack our family! They can’t stand that we are extremely close and will ALWAYS support each other,” Eric Trump tweeted.

Eric Trump’s tweet was in response to a clip posted by Brexit leader Nigel Farage that said Donald Trump Jr. was being attacked because he “is the best public supporter of” President Donald Trump “in the business.”

“Donald Jr. is pretty much the best public supporter of his father that there is in the business and he’s done nothing wrong at all,” Farage said. “Certainly nothing wrong compared to some of the things Hillary was accused of in the campaign.”

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