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Charlie Gard’s Death Is Heartbreaking… But There’s Good News No One Will Tell You



On Friday, little Charlie Gard passed away — he was 11 months old.

In the days, weeks, and months before this tragic conclusion, the world got a glimpse at the horrors of death panels, the slothfulness of legal systems, and the malice of government-run healthcare.

In his short time here on Earth, he did quite a lot in exposing the world to the bad things that come about with bloated government.

But in the case of this small British boy’s passing, there is immense hope for the future.

Charlie Gard is, right now, in eternal bliss with his Creator — he’s not in a “perfect nothingness” or becoming “one with stardust,” but he’s in the holy presence of the Almighty God who radiates love and life.

Charlie Gard was simply called home early.

And now he has a glorified body, free from the perils of evil, sin, sickness, and sadness — we cannot bring him back, but we can go to him.

Charlie Gard is victorious.

Please pass along this message if you stand with Charlie Gard.



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