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BREAKING: 2 Top Democrats INDICTED On Corruption Charges… “Pay-to-Play”



On Wednesday, a conclusion was made public after a massive FBI corruption probe, resulting in two Democratic Pennsylvania mayors being indicted.

The five-person indictment included the mayors of Reading and Allentown — which is the state’s third-largest city.

Fox News reports:

Acting U.S. Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania Louis Lappen said Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski (D) was charged with 14 counts relating to running a pay-to-play scheme, and other offenses.

Lappen said Pawlowski and former Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer (D) “essentially put up a ‘for sale’ sign in front of their city halls to sell city work to the highest bidder,” Lappen said, according to WFMZ-69 News.

One of the incidents Pawlowski is accused of orchestrating involved the sale of city contracts.

When a contract for the collection of delinquent city taxes was up for bid, Pawlowski and others allegedly engineered the system to direct the bids to his chosen firm

Officials allegedly had bidding scores changed, to the benefit of a particular bidder, according to Lappen and the indictment.

Lappen said Pawlowski wanted to direct that 2013 contract to a company that provided “a steady stream of benefits” to him, which included campaign contributions and Philadelphia Eagles tickets.

The indictment said that Pawlowski later attended a 2014 Eagles playoff game and ate dinner at a pricey steakhouse, courtesy of a “Company #4.”

Spencer is accused of bribery, conspiracy, and honest services fraud along with other Reading officials, according to the indictment.

In what Lappen called an “astounding act of irony,” Spencer allegedly pressured City Council President Francisco Acosta (D) to introduce a bill repealing an anti-corruption statute.

$1800 was later allegedly donated to Acosta’s wife Rebecca, who was running for a judgeship.

Mike Fleck, who managed Spencer’s mayoral campaign and also assisted Pawlowski, was also charged in the probe.

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