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OFFICIAL: Top Democrat Announces 2020 Presidential Run Against Trump



President Donald Trump has his first official 2020 opponent.

On Friday, Maryland Rep. John Delaney formally announced that he is running for president in 2020, making him the first major challenger to President Donald Trump.

Newsmax reports:

Delaney, who began serving in the House in 2013, made the announcement in a Washington Post opinion piece.

“The American people are far greater than the sum of our political parties,” Delaney wrote. “It is time for us to rise above our broken politics and renew the spirit that enabled us to achieve the seemingly impossible. This is why I am running for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.”

The 54-year-old had a successful business career before entering politics, starting two companies. In the halls of Congress, he’s earned a reputation for being bipartisan.

Delaney said the focus of his campaign will be around modernizing America through technological innovation. He admitted that will cost some people their jobs, but noted it’s time the country updated its infrastructure to keep up with the fast-moving world.

“To do this, we need new infrastructure, which can be paid for using my bipartisan approach to infrastructure and international tax reform,” Delaney wrote.

He closed the announcement by saying he’s an American first, not a politician.

“My approach goes beyond party and partisanship; I am first and foremost an American,” Delaney wrote. “I believe in a common national identity.”

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